My earliest memory of drawing comes from when I was five years old. Often times, my parents came home late with exhausted expressions on their faces from a long day of work. In order to cheer them up, I would draw a sweet card, and then give them a hug and kiss before bed. The card brought smiles to their faces. Through the joy the card brought to them, it helped me realize that art can bring happiness to those I love, which sprouted my interest for art. This event sparked my ambitions in computing and the arts to combine the imaginative and the real worlds, spreading creativity and inspiration.

      To further my interest in art, I chose to study in a vocational high school with a major in media art. I competed with students who had years of painting experience, pushing my drawing skill to the next level. In addition, my school encouraged us to utilize knowledge we learned from our classes to join competitions.  After four years of graphic design and sketch classes, I am now advanced with Adobe software and my drawing skills. The overall combined experiences helped me in graphic design, and my passion for art.

      Because of my experiences in graphic design, I later became a fan of Pixar animations after watching the film, “Up”. The delicate 3D computer animation images, the heart-touching storyline, and the vivid character setup made me aware that computing technology combined with digital art can powerfully communicate meaningful messages to audiences. I acknowledge that computing and the arts related to my art ambition, and assume that computing and the arts will be the majority and significant aspect in future contemporary art.

      Computing and the arts evoke my curiosity to investigate the expertise, and also I believe that computer programming is like a bridge between the illusory world and real life. The power of creativity is unlimited, and there are tons of imagination in our minds. However, computing technologies can solve the distinction between the two.  Our imaginations can be substantiated in frond to our eyes with technologies.  As the reason, I aim to make more interactive artwork and learn more computing programming, and hope people can recognize the importance of computing arts via my artwork.

      With years of experience in graphic design, and conscious of the rise of interdisciplinary computing and the arts, I set up the goal to make more interactive artwork with computing technology as my next personal challenge.  In order to reach this goal, I have been taking years of productive and programming classes in university to create the imaginations in my mind. So far, I have completed some projects in the field, and one of them is to apply computer software to create an interactive musical artwork. In the project, users can click the mouse to cause random water drop sounds, and a rainy sky is popped upon on the screen as the background with meditative water flowing music.  Through those achievements of assignments, I feel like I am closer to be a computing artist and reach my imagination.

       I realize that art can bring happiness to those I loved, which sparks my ambition for art, and later also become my motivation to create innovative artwork incorporating programming and digital graphics.  Now, when I present my computing artwork, I like to see how people show their interest and surprise on their faces, just like the smiles on my parents’ face when I passed the card filled with my hand-drawings.