Product overview

    From code path iOS development courses, I learned how to program in Swift and Xcode to create an iOS app. The courses were designed for the Swift beginner with basic coding knowledge. Students need to participate in weekly classes and collaborate together to complete a well-functioning iOS app in 10 weeks. 

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    After discussing with a partner, we came out with an inspirative app, called MotivateMe. MotivateMe is an iOS APP, sending positive quotes to encourage users every day and drive them to pursue their life goals. Generally, we love the idea of combining quote and diary, and believe users writing down their thoughts to a quote they resonated with will help their personal growth. Through MotivateMe app, on its home page, there are two ways presenting quotes, and on the card mode, users can swipe each quote card either like it or not. Those quote cards have been liked will be sorted into different categories in order to easily be researched. In short,this app is a quote dictionary which organizes users’ favorite well with their notes.

So, we list out what potential features would be nice to be placed in the app, and that is the conclusion.


App Idea (total 7 ideas) 

  • Financial management ( google API and machine learning (complicate, format the receipt  )

  • Online game (group friend playing online board game ) (

  • Poster calendar management (google API and machine learning reading the posters, add it into phone calendar) (complicated, format issue) 

  • Credit card bounce (display monthly credit card bounce ) (Joy,

  • Design wallpaper APP (Graffiti wallpaper or traditional wallpaper) example 

  • Children’s story APP

  • Daily quote APP



The problem we are solving

  • Unmotivated people on their phone

  • Procrastinator

Target users

  • Self-improvement 

  • Ambitious people 


iPhone 7/ X

User Stories

-------- Must have --------

  1. A user can receive a notification with a random quote

  2. A user favorite a quote

  3. A user can browse the list of favorite quotes

  4. A user can browse the history of notification quotes

  5. A user can adjust the notification schedule

  6. A user can browse quotes by category


------- Nice to have 1 -------

  1. Minimalistic design

  2. A user can leave a note on a quote (Personal Use)

  3. A user can see the most favorited quotes

  4. A user can save their personal quote

  5. A user can receive a notification with a tailored quote


------- Nice to have 2 -------

  1. A user can browse the books by the author of quotes

  2. A user can choose a random quote or similar category quote

  3. A user can search quotes with text

  4. A user can listen to Audio of quotes

  5. A user can make NotToDo list

  6. A user can change theme color

  7. A user can have more quotes



Work credit: Joy Wand and Kazutaka Honma. 

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