Hello, 👋 I am Joy   

I am a dreamer who keeps chasing goals of my life     

      To begin describing my interest in design,  I chose to study in a vocational high school with a major in graphic design. I competed with students who had years of painting experience, pushing my graphic skill to the next level. In addition, my school encouraged us to utilize the knowledge we learned from our classes to join competitions.  After four years of graphic design, I am now advanced with Adobe creative suite. The overall combined experiences helped me in graphic design and my passion for design. 

      During the period of developing my graphic design skills, I acknowledge that computing and design are related to my ambition, and assume that computing and design will be the majority and significant aspect in the future. Computing and design evoke my curiosity to investigate expertise.  I believe that our imaginations can be substantiated in front of our eyes with technologies, and design can remove the boundary between users and over-complex technology.  As a reason, I aim to make more UX design and learn more computing programming and hope people can recognize the importance of computing design via my UX works. I set up the goal to be a UX designer as my next personal challenge. In order to reach this goal, I have been taking years of productive and UX design classes in university by creating more user center technological projects. Now, I am looking for the next new chapter for my UX journey, and I never stop improving my UX skills every single day.



      Besides my professional goal, I enjoy cooking, dancing, weight lifting, and shooting photographs during my free time. Especially, I like to try new challenge recipes and share the food with my friends because their compliments and smiles would brighten up my day. I am planning to create an Instagram for sharing my new recipes and combining them with my color pencil printing. I hope it is able to publicize well into my own small food industry branding for continually expanding my interests. About my friendship, I like sharing happiness, caring, and hospitality with people around me and am also willing to accept others’ advice or give them helpful suggestions when they need a good listener. 


      I always believe that keeping learning and improving my skills can help me to achieve my goal one day.  I often attended UX workshops, reading more UX books/articles, and humbly asking advice from other seniors for better knowledge about this field. 

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